Beginning on Thursday, March 21, 2024, the NCAA Tournament will get underway. The men’s and women’s brackets will be revealed on Selection Sunday, which is the 17th of March. The men’s March Madness bracket will be revealed at six o’clock Eastern Time, while the women’s NCAA Tournament bracket will be made public at eight o’clock Eastern Time. When it comes time for fans to fill out their brackets for March Madness pools, they will be required to make a decision regarding which team they believe will be the most successful in April. State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona will serve as the location for the men’s Final Four in 2024, which will take place from April 6-8.

In the meantime, South Carolina is the favorite to win the women’s championship, although LSU and Iowa are also formidable competitors in this competition. The Hawkeyes are led by Caitlin Clark, and the Tigers are led by Angel Reese in terms of scoring. Both of these teams have the potential to be popular choices to back in bracket competitions for the March Madness tournament. Because the action is so close at hand, now is the time to organize your March Madness pool for the year 2024.

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There are CBS Sports NCAA Bracket Challenges for both the men’s and women’s tournaments, and the winner of each challenge has the opportunity to travel to the Final Four of their respective 2025 tournament. Getting into such incredible trips is a simple process. Click on this link, then click the “Join Now” button, and then submit your information to participate in the Men’s Challenge. The men’s bracket will be revealed on Sunday, March 17 at six o’clock Eastern Time (ET), and the winner of the trip to the 2025 Final Four will be selected from among the entrants. Fill out your bracket after it is revealed.

Participants who participate in both the Men’s CBS Sports Bracket Challenge and the Women’s CBS Sports Bracket Challenge will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a brand new Nissan Rogue along with the other prizes. According to the schedule, the deadline for the men’s bracket is on March 21 at noon Eastern Time, while the deadline for the women’s bracket is on March 22 at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time.
Simply complete the steps outlined above to sign up for the Men’s Challenge, and then sign up for the Women’s Challenge here. This will allow you to become eligible. If you want to be eligible to win the Nissan Rogue, all you have to do is join both of them, even if your brackets are utterly screwed.

Male teams to keep an eye on in the 2024 NCAA Tournament
The following is a list of teams that you should keep an eye on as the 2024 NCAA Tournament draws near: now that you know where the 2024 NCAA Men’s Bracket Games will take place:

North Carolina Tar Heels: Although they did not make it to the NCAA Tournament in the previous season, the Tar Heels have been one of the most consistent teams this year. At the end of the regular season, the Tar Heels ended with a record of 17-3 in conference play, which contributed to the Tar Heels winning their 33rd regular-season ACC championship. As the Tar Heels prepare to compete in the postseason, RJ Davis leads the team in scoring with an average of 21.1 points every game. In addition to being awarded the ACC Player of the Year, the senior guard will be looking to steer North Carolina to its first championship since the year 2017.

The defending national champions, the UConn Huskies, are coming off of a strong regular season in which they set a new record for the Big East with 18 wins in conference play and won their final four games by an average of 18.8 points per game. With a No. 4 seed going into the tournament, the University of Connecticut was able to win its fifth national championship last year. On Sunday night, the bracket for this year’s tournament will be revealed, and it is anticipated that the Huskies will be the top seed. The Big East Coach of the Year award was given to Dan Hurley, while Tristen Newton and Cam Spencer were both selected to the first team of All-Big East players, and Hassan Diarra was awarded the sixth man of the year in the conference. Click here to participate in the CBS Sports 2024 NCAA Men’s Bracket Game.

Watch out for these women’s teams in the 2024 NCAA Tournament.
Given that you are now aware of the locations of the 2024 NCAA Women’s Bracket Games, the following are some teams that you should keep an eye on as the 2024 NCAA Tournament draws near:

Caitlin Clark, a member of the Iowa Hawkeyes, has solidified her position as one of the most accomplished collegiate basketball players in the annals of the sport’s history. During the course of the Hawkeyes’ season, Clark broke the record for most points scored in Division I women’s basketball history, surpassing Lynette Woodard to become the all-time best scorer in the history of the sport. After that, Clark broke Pete Maravich’s record of 3,667 points, which had stood for 54 years, during Iowa’s victory over Ohio State on March 3. This allowed Clark to rise to the position of all-time scoring leader in NCAA Division I.

South Carolina Gamecocks: On the attacking end of the court, South Carolina does an excellent job of maintaining a balanced offensive unit. There are six individuals on the Gamecocks that combine to score between 14.0 and 9.2 points each game on average. Dawn Staley, the head coach of South Carolina, has led the Gamecocks to two national championships, and they are currently undefeated as they head into March Madness thanks to their perfect 32-0 record. Participate in the Women’s Bracket Game of 2024 here.

Entering the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Bracket Games in 2024: Instructions
Are you prepared to organize your bracket pools for the 2024 NCAA Tournament? Participate in the NCAA Bracket Games right here in order to increase your chances of making it to the Final Four in 2025. Keep in mind that you can also participate in the Women’s Bracket Games to increase your chances of winning a brand new Nissan Rogue.

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