It seems as though Joey Logano is the one that stands out the most at Team Penske. Just ahead of Bristol, Logano is currently in 30th place and is having a hard time improving his performance. The 2022 NASCAR Cup Series winner is headed for a rude awakening with this startling turn of events.

Where does Logano’s lack of performance come from, then? There’s more to it than just good fortune.

If Logano is to blame, it is his team. The Penske team is performing too well. In addition, not only in NASCAR. In the World Endurance Championship, the WeatherTech series, the NASCAR series, and the IndyCar series, Team Penske is either in the lead or very near to it. You will be equipped with the tools necessary to vie for victories if you drive for Team Penske. A failure on Logano’s part is his own. Even though he tried to benefit from gloves that were not sanctioned, it was not successful.

The Most Challenging Beginning of the Season for Logano
An admission was made by Joey Logano on March 13, four days before the Food City 500 was scheduled to take place at Bristol Motor Speedway. He stated that the year 2024 “is definitely the toughest start of a season I’ve ever had.”

One should not exaggerate.

At this point, Logano had only one finish in the top ten after four races. He is now 100 points behind the leader, who is Ryan Blaney, a colleague of his who is competing for Team Penske. At the press conference for the race, Logano, who is often somewhat brash, accepted his lumps, for the most part. “Some of it is beyond our ability to control. For a portion of it, we have control.” Moreover, he stated that the superspeedways, Atlanta, and our automobiles were extremely quick. Las Vegas, we were not very good. The past week was a difficult one. Having said that, given the current state of affairs in the racing world, you can pick up that car, put it in fifth place, and it will most likely finish in fifth place. We just did not meet the requirements to qualify, and we did not stay up there or go up there. Following that, we were involved in the collision that occurred there with John Hunter. This is simply one of those things, isn’t it?

This is Logano. Making Blaney the Center of Attention

It was just before the Ambetter Health 400 in Atlanta that Joey Logano was caught trying to utilize gloves that were not authorized for use. This was the most significant occasion that Joey Logano has experienced this season. There was speculation that Logano was attempting to get a minor advantage in terms of aerodynamics during the qualifying session. Quite astute, he had it all worked out for him. This race, which ended up becoming an instant classic, included three cars who were separated by only 0.007 seconds from one another. He was detected trying to sneak an advantage, then he was relegated to the back to start the race, and then he crashed late in the race, which resulted in him finishing in a disappointing 28th place. However, Logano came off looking horrible throughout the race. A few of days later, the results of his efforts resulted in a fine of $10,000.

When it comes to this season, Logano’s other major moment was likewise a poor one. Last week, he was engaged in a collision that included multiple vehicles in Phoenix. Despite the fact that John Hunter Nemechek was the one responsible for that, Logano was already having a horrible race.

Logano’s fortunes have the potential to improve because there are still a lot more races to go. On the other hand, there is a very realistic possibility that his colleague, Ryan Blaney, will push him to the sidelines. In the NASCAR Cup Series, Blaney is currently the reigning champion. At the now, Blaney is in the lead in the rankings for this year. At Bristol, Blaney has just won the pole position. Meanwhile, Logano is unable to finish a race without making any mistakes. At this point, he is not even close to making the cut for the playoffs.

In the meantime, Team Penske is presently in the first spot in the Owner standings. To add insult to injury, Logano’s teammates Ryan Blaney and Austin Cindric are outpacing him by a significant margin. It’s possible that this year may be a lengthy and challenging one.

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