The decision of Nebraska Cornhuskers athletic director Trev Alberts to accept a similar position at Texas A&M University was a devastating blow to the program on Wednesday. Where can the Huskers discover a long-term successor, and why is this such a devastating blow to the program? Let’s dissect it.

Has Husker Been Demonized?
During his time as a Husker, Alberts established himself as one of the all-time greats on defense. With 96 tackles and 15 sacks in 1993, the senior captain was a major reason the Huskers were able to achieve an unbeaten season. There were three sacks and six tackles for loss in the Orange Bowl. It wasn’t until the offseason that he would really establish his legacy, though. The Butkus Award and Big Eight Defensive Player of the Year were both bestowed upon him. However, his best moments on the field are one thing. For nostalgic reasons, this is also painful for Husker fans. The old player had Memorial Stadium inscribed with his name and jersey number. In addition, the highlight videos of the presentation feature his escapades. His unexpected move to Aggie Land has damaged his reputation in the eyes of the public. Two crucial tasks now lie before Nebraska’s new athletic director. Put the fan base at ease and keep winning Big Ten games.

Quickly Leaving

Albert had a tough choice when he decided to leave Lincoln. Nonetheless, a number of things sped things up. Prior to Ronnie Green’s retirement in July of last year, President Ted Carter oversaw athletics at the university. This was a wise choice, but it wouldn’t be permanent. Carter departed for Ohio State in August. He escorted Matt Rhule to Lincoln’s office. Now that he has departed, the 53-year-old has no one to back his university intentions. Still, he wouldn’t go crazy over this. Last month, another huge domino would fall. Ashley Scoggin, a former women’s basketball player for Nebraska, sued him in a legal case on February 19. A source close to the matter informed Athletic reporter Mitch Sherman that the lawsuit asserts that “he used his influence along with assistant coach Chuck Love to groom her into a sexual relationship.” It is far from done, though. at fact, he’ll have even more ground to cover at College Station in response to the accusations. Is it something he is capable of handling on his own? Is his term bound to fail from the beginning?

Candidates and Interims

Appointing Dennis LeBlanc to the role on Thursday, interim president Chris Kabourek moved swiftly as NU reeled from this unexpected action. He has extensive experience managing academic institutions as an executive of academics. Nebraska athletics, however, are a distinct species. A player with experience in that position would be a great asset to the Cornhuskers. Consider the services of former Nebraska quarterback Garth Glissman for this type of task. This position was discussed for him in 2021 while he was still serving as an assistant director at the SEC. Also singled out by the school was Jamie Pollard of Iowa State. What is the one drawback? He is happy in his present position. He has been the “longest-tenured Director of Athletics in Iowa State history,” as stated on the Cyclone’s website. Lincoln has become a fishbowl, so it’s unlikely he would quit. That leaves us with zero alternatives. The chef, John Cook. Since the year 2000, the 67-year-old has coached the volleyball team at the institution. During his tenure, the Huskers have won four national championships and finished in second place four times. Though impressive on paper, there is a major red flag. Taking command of the university’s athletics would be challenging for him because he has always focused on volleyball. In this respect, it seems obvious that the other contenders would fare better.

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