As the 2023 season came to a close, the Chicago Cubs were left devastated as they lost out on a wild card place in late September. After a dreadful year-end in 2023, Chicagoans have something to be hopeful about in 2024.

As the Chicago Cubs look to return to the postseason after a postponement due to the pandemic in 2020, they have signed manager Craig Counsell to a five-year deal and have a number of young players with impact potential. In 2024, before the Cubs even attempt to make the playoffs, here are three players who have a shot at earning their first All-Star selection.

Christopher Morel, thirdly

The Cubs have a lot of potential up front, and Christopher Morel, who is 24 years old and entering his third major league season, might be a star. Morel is well-protected and ready to have a great year, thanks to players like Cody Bellinger, Dansby Swanson, Ian Happ, and countless more.

Morel ran with the promotion to the majors on May 8, 2023, after beginning the year in Triple-A. Morel became the first Cub to ever homer in nine of his first twelve games after being promoted to the majors. With 26 home runs and 70 RBIs in 107 games, Morel tied for the team lead with Bellinger and was the fifth-highest scorer for the club.

If Morel increases his contact rate in 2024, he will improve his chances of being selected to the All-Star team. Morel has a 270-game strikeout total in his first two seasons covering 220 games. Morel has a lifetime BABIP of.312 and is quite effective when he makes contact with the ball. In 10 games played thus far in Spring Training, Morel’s batting statistics are.292/.357/.542.
It’s possible that Morel will get an invitation to the Mid-Summer Classic for the first time because to his increasing flexibility. Morel has moved his major attention to studying third base this spring from his previous experiences in center field and second base.

Morel stated, “It’s easier concentrating on just one position,” in a piece published by Jordan Bastian on It’s not like I’m planning to go practice outfield right now. I have to deal with fly balls. Consider using a different pair of gloves. Playing a single position and being consistent with it makes the game much easier.

Christopher Morel might have a breakout season at the plate if he can master the hot corner and be responsible for only one position.

2. Suzuki Seiya

Seiya Suzuki, like Christopher Morel, is a third-year Cub who hopes to make a splash in 2024. After a disappointing sophomore year in 2022, Suzuki bounced back with a 23-point increase to his batting average in 2023. The previous year, Suzuki’s average was.262, but last year it soared to.285. After Bellinger’s.307 average, the right fielder had the team’s second-highest clip at.285.

Not only will Suzuki’s batting average catch your eye, but his entire slash line will as well. Suzuki had a miserable rookie season, slashing.262/.336/.433. To.285/.357/.485 in 2023, Suzuki’s slash line skyrocketed. The center of the Cubs’ lineup got a boost from Suzuki, who upped his game in 2022 with a substantial rise in both home runs and RBI. In the previous season, Suzuki increased his home run total to 20 and his RBI total to 74.

Fans may have been waiting for Suzuki to make it to the All-Star Game for the first time despite a.275 average in his first two seasons due to his June offensive troubles and injuries. After hurting his finger trying to steal second base on May 26, 2022, Suzuki was placed on the injured list until July 4, 2022. In June of 2023, Suzuki’s average dropped from.293 to.253, a decline of 40 points. Suzuki had a 20-game hitting streak from June 1–30, during which he hit.177.

With June excluded, Suzuki has a career batting average of.285 and presents a formidable challenge to opposing pitchers. In 2024, Suzuki has a good chance of making it to the Mid-Simmer Classic if he can stay healthy and avoid a June Swoon.

1. Nico Herrmann

When 2024 rolls along, Nico Hoerner will feel like an All-Star for the first time. In 2022 and 2023, the 26-year-old saw a considerable increase in playing time. Hoerner had a down year from 2019 to 2020, appearing in just 112 games. However, he made 285 total appearances throughout the past two years. In 2022 and ’23, Hoerner made the most of his increased playing time.

The Cubs started the 2023 season on a positive note by extending middle infielder Hoerner’s contract by three years and $35 million. The extension was granted because Hoerner, who batted in the middle of the Cubs’ lineup in 2022, had a.281 average, 10 home runs, and 55 RBIs. Last season, Chicago promoted Hoerner to the position of leadoff or number two hitter, which is perfectly suited to his numbers.

Both leadoff and two-hole batting were Hoerner’s primary positions in 149 of last season’s 150 games. The right-handed hitter Hoerner virtually replicated his 2022 performance after being moved to the top of the lineup. Hoerner had a career year of.283 hitting, nine home runs, and sixty-eight RBIs in 2023.

Among the many benefits of elevating Hoerner to first place, walks stand out the most. In his whole career, Hoerner has walked 109 times. However, 49 of those walks occurred last season. The outcome was a six-point rise in Hoerner’s career OBP from.333 to.339, thanks to a.346 OBP in 2023.

Hoerner has an even better opportunity to improve upon his 2022 and 2023 performances in 2024 thanks to the Cubs’ return of a nearly identical roster. Hoerner has a slash line of.282/.338/.395 over the past two seasons.

An improvement in all three categories might be on the infielder’s 2024 slash line. A key cause behind this? I am Craig Counsell, a first-year manager. During his playing career, Counsell hit 747 hits when batting first or second in 735 games. The leadoff spot in the batting order was Counsell’s most productive, as he amassed 490 hits over his career. In 2024, maybe Hoerner will catch a glimpse of Counsell’s leadoff reasoning.

While the memories of the Cubs’ core trio of Kris Bryant, Javier Báez, and Anthony Rizzo continue to fade, the new core of the Chicago Cubs has quickly and admirably gelled. The young core of the Cubs has the potential to produce numerous All-Star choices and a remarkable season in 2024 with the dependable Bellinger returning to Chicago for another three years.

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