Many quarterbacks in the National Football League have changed teams this early in the offseason, either via trades or free agency.

The first move was Russell Wilson’s signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers after being released by the Denver Broncos. Kirk Cousins departed from the Minnesota Vikings to join the Atlanta Falcons, who are conference rivals.

We have witnessed trades involving young players like Mac Jones, Desmond Ridder, Sam Howell, and others. So far this NFL offseason, we have ranked the top ten quarterback trades.

Jacoby Brissett signed with the New England Patriots

Following the acquisition of Brissett and the trade of Mac Jones, the New England Patriots’ 2024 NFL Draft plans at quarterback with the third overall pick are now crystal obvious. To show a rookie the ropes, there is no better quarterback than an experienced one. After being selected by the New England Patriots in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft, Brissett assumed the position of mentor, learning the ins and outs of the league from Tom Brady. In 2024, when head coach Jerod Mayo takes over, he might potentially start in place of an ineligible rookie.

Deal for Tyrod Taylor reaches New York Jets

Noting the necessity for a “real” quarterback to complement the aging Aaron Rodgers, Jets owner Woody Johnson criticized Zach Wilson earlier this offseason. Johnson might have been correct considering that Rodgers is 40 years old, recovering from an Achilles tear, and contemplating a run for vice president (yes, that’s a real thing). By acquiring Taylor from the Giants, New York took Johnson’s recommendation. The 13-year veteran and former Pro Bowler has started 58 games over his career. 65 touchdowns and 29 interceptions have been thrown by him. The backup quarterback is really solid.

James Garoppolo inked deal with Los Angeles Rams

In the absence of Matthew Stafford, the Rams have struggled with their backup quarterback. Over the past two seasons, he has also been sidelined by injuries. It was a no-brainer for GM Les Snead and company to want an experienced player. By acquiring Jimmy Garoppolo, he accomplished precisely that. Garoppolo has a 43-20 record as an NFL starter, despite having a rough season with the Las Vegas Raiders. That is a major issue considering the number of quarterback injuries that have occurred throughout the league.

The Arizona Cardinals acquire Desmond Ridder through trade

Will people think Ridder is the starting quarterback for the NFL? Not at all. In two seasons as a quarterback, the former third-round pick by the Atlanta Falcons has passed for 12 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. This in no way diminishes his potential as an Arizona backup to Kyler Murray. The decision to trade reserve wide receiver Rondale Moore for the 24-year-old quarterback was a smart one. What a bargain, even if he turns out to be little more than a reliable desert backup.

Sam Howell traded to the Seattle Seahawks

Geno Smith will start as quarterback for the Seahawks next season, at least if the team says so. However, it was necessary for general manager John Schneider and his colleagues to identify a qualified replacement. The plan all along was to bring in a youthful signal caller. Both criteria are met by Howell. At only 23 years old, he nevertheless led the NFL in interceptions last season with 21 while playing for the Washington Commanders. A few quarterbacks from the class of 2024 in the NFL Draft will be older than that. While playing with the Commanders for two seasons, Howell also had some promising traits. The trade of mid-to late-round draft picks for his services was a success.

Mac Jones traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence plays for the Jaguars. This offseason, he is set to receive a hefty long-term contract. But in the current NFL environment, why not prepare for the possibility of an injury? The teams that failed to do so last season paid a heavy price. General manager Trent Baalke pulled off a trick by trading this former first-round choice for a late-round pick. Jones did have a rough go of it in his last two years with the Patriots. But in 2021, as a rookie, he was instrumental in the team’s playoff run. That seems to slip people’s minds.

Pick up Kenny Pickett in Philly Eagles trade

No one knows what transpired behind the scenes involving Kenny Pickett and his previous Pittsburgh Steelers squad. According to reports, the 2022 first-round pick was dissatisfied with the decision to start quarterback Russell Wilson. As a result, the Steelers sent Pickett to the Eagles in exchange for a pittance. A 25-year-old signal-caller who struggled throughout his two seasons in Pittsburgh is now the Eagles’ backup quarterback to Jalen Hurts.

Baker Mayfield is re-signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It appeared like this would be the perfect fit from the start. Mayfield surprised everyone by guiding the Buccaneers to the playoffs in his rookie season. With 4,044 yards passing, 28 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions, he had a career-best performance. A three-year, $100 million deal with only $40 million guaranteed at signing allowed the Buccaneers to keep him right before free agency opened. Also, after two seasons, you can get out. The general manager, Jason Licht, has done an excellent job.

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