The Michigan football program is currently at a standstill, despite the fact that they successfully won the National Championship in January by a margin of more than ten points.

The current situation is that if a team is able to win the College Football Playoffs, to accept the title of National Champions, and to finish the season without losing a single game, then that team has completed the most perfect campaign possible. Over the course of the year 2023, the Wolverines were able to achieve that particular run of success.

What is the next step, then?

After winning a championship, Jim Harbaugh decided to leave his coaching position in Ann Arbor and pursue a career in the professional ranks. In addition, a large number of veteran starters either graduated or stated their intention to participate in the upcoming NFL Draft, which contributed to the turnover that occurred from one year to the next, with Sherrone Moore serving as the team’s head coach for the first time. USC and UCLA will become formal members of the Big Ten Conference this season, and the number of teams that will be eligible for the College Football Playoffs will increase to twelve.

For the upcoming college football season in Ann Arbor, it is safe to say that the experience will be much different in both appearance and sensation.

In spite of the fact that Moore will be leading his first full season as head coach in 2024, the finalist for the Broyles Award has a wealth of expertise to draw upon in this area. In the previous season, Moore took over for Harbaugh as head coach of the Michigan Wolverines and guided the team to a perfect 4-0 record, which included a victory on the road against the ninth-ranked Penn State and a key victory at home against the second-ranked Ohio State. Therefore, Moore intends to expand on those victories this fall; but, in order to do so, he will first need to locate a running backs coach because Mike Hart has decided to leave the program.

An extensive amount of coverage was provided by Brandon on Friday about both the departure of Hart and the finalization of Michigan’s coaching staff. The departure of a figure as influential as Harbaugh from a program can result in the formation of a power vacuum; nevertheless, the presence of changes to the coaching staff after the National Championship is not a big concerning sign. On the other hand, the sidelines will have a significantly different appearance and operation.
The on-field product includes more than a handful of starters who have announced their eligibility for the draft that will take place in April. It will be necessary to replace a total of seventeen Wolverines who have some kind of starting experience. However, as depth and rotation were two of the most important parts of the Wolverines’ championship run, there is experience available, albeit in limited quantities.

The smart course of action for Moore would be to develop continuity earlier, but it is tough to accomplish this given that there is a new starting quarterback and a significant amount of upheaval in other positions. At this moment, it appears like the competition between Alex Orji, Jayden Denegal, Jaydn Davis, and Davis Warren has been resolved. However, if Michigan does not acquire another signal caller through the transfer portal, the situation may change.

During the upcoming season, it is anticipated that the running back Donovan Edwards will be highly relied upon by whoever takes the initial snap for Michigan. Following his strong performance in the National Championship game, Edwards now has the UM backfield primarily to himself. Blake Corum is leaving for the pros, and his burst of straight-line speed will be required to ease the transition into an attack that will be led by JJ McCarthy once he leaves.

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